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Client's Voice

“I was skeptical about solar due to many issues around battery not working, weather and all that. Even the cost was frightening to me. I and my husband started with 1kW installation which powered my fridge, TVs, bulbs, fans. The fact that my refrigerator is always cold is enough for me. We later upgraded to 2.5kW to power pumps, washing machine and some little items within the house. Solar has served me well and taught me good energy management.”

“I had to do a serious evaluation on my spending on petrol every day. Fuel scarcity during 2014 election even made it worse. My little baby cries at night due to heat and PHCN became a constant problem giving us electricity just 3 hours during the day. I had to find a solution for my family and I saw Vesselnet Ads on Solar. I made enquiry about their packages and today I have 2kW installed in my house in Ibadan. Anytime my church member visits now for fellowship, everyone comes with their charger and phones. It is such a great excitement for life.”