Shoto GFMJ Series Batteries (2v Gel VRLA Battery).
Deep Cycle sealed tubular positive plate.
Zero-maintenance throughout the life-cycle, it’s safe and reliable.
The design life for the battery is at 10 – 20 years.
The Battery electrolyte contains fumed silica, and there is no flow, no leakage or no graduation of acid liquor.
European manufactured PVC-SiO2 separator is used for the optimum performance in its class.
The ABS casing is especially manufactured from Italy to meet the highest DIN Standard requirement and the resin used to seal the battery is especially imported from Germany.
The gas recombination rate exceeds 99%.
Shoto GFMJ Series Battery has been widely used in the area of Telecommunication, Power Utility, Military and Solar.
Highly recommended for applications that required a very high deep cycling during the life cycle.

  • Battery capacity meter included with 24v & 48v banks
  • Battery inter links included
  • Design service life 15-20 years
  • High cycle service life
  • Excellent deep cycle performance
  • Super low current discharge performance
  • Better high temperature performance
  • Stronger constant power discharge capability
  • Better charge capability
  • Better safety performance and reliability
  • High performance price ratio and low yearly operation cost
  • Eco-friendly


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