FTC Series Front Terminal Cycle Battery



SHOTO FTC series is a new product in the SHOTO battery family. This product has been designed for high temperature and deep cycle application, based on international advanced technology.

With special grid design, corrosion-resistant alloy material, horizontal design, FTC battery avoid density stratification problem of the acid solution and eliminating grid corrosion and passivation caused by density stratification. FTC battery devotes itself to protect our Environment and humans with green clean energy and natural resources used effective.

 Main Application               Technical Features

Renewable energy (wind & solar) site                Best performance for continuous opera-

Off-grid & bad-grid environment                                 tion up to 35°C

Communication and signal systems                  Extend service life under deep cycle

UPS and emergency illumination                    Excellent over discharge recovery capa-

IDC                                                                           bility

FTC Series
Front Terminal Cycle Battery





FTCFTC–100100 FTCFTC150150 FTCFTC-1700
Nominal Voltage(V) 12 12 12
Length(mm) 400 552 552
Width(mm) 110 125 125
Height (mm) 286 310 310
Total Height(mm) 286 310 310
10hr Capacity(Ah,25°C) 100 150 170
10hr Capacity(Ah,35°C) 103 155 175
Terminal M6 M6 M6


Reduce operational cost (less cooling con-sumption)

Reduce CO2 emission

Deep cycle rate life≥1500(at 25℃,60%DOD)

Good floating life performance and extremely high cyclic life

Storage of Love

and Green Energy

Terminnal Torque(Nm) 9~11 9~11 9~11
Internal Resistance (mΩ) 5.5 5.5 5.2
Short Circuit Current(A) 1659 1659 1804
Weight(kg) 35.5 56 58


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